Media Release - December 7, 2017

O (recycled) Christmas tree, O (recycled) Christmas tree

Project that brings together local businesses and EDSS students sees old pallets turned into unique handcrafted yuletide decorations that are being sold to support Trees for Woolwich

Photo Credit: The Observer

Sustainability has been a key part of Willow Brae Pallets for decades. As a company that recycles wood pallets and refurbishes them back to new, sustainability is what they do. In line with the Christmas season, the local business has come up with a new way to promote that approach in the wider township, livening up people’s homes and yards in the process.

Teaming up with other local businesses, a class of EDSS students and community group Trees for Woolwich, the company has helped create wood sculpture decorations that are being sold at the Elmira and St. Jacobs Home Hardware stores to support greening initiatives right here in the community.
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Media Release - December 1, 2017

Celebrate Giving: If You Can, Share the Wealth Pallet and Lumber Companies Make a Difference Through Charity Efforts

Charity helps build better communities and companies. Forest products companies donate to help hurricane disasters victims as well as general charity for the poor and needy.

Each year, many organizations across the forest products sector make a difference through giving. Some companies quietly donate a percentage of their profits to charitable causes. Others may sponsor annual giving programs, as is the case with Berry Industrial Group which this year features its Pallets for Palates effort. Others roll up their sleeves to help in response to urgent needs such as in the face of flood or hurricane.
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Media Release - November 23, 2016

Pallet Tree Fundraiser Seeds Reforestation In Woolwich

Trees for the Forest: Buy One, Plant One Fundraiser launched at Willow Brae Pallets

Pallet Tree made from 100% reclaimed pallet wood

WATERLOO — Willow Brae Pallets announced today their pilot project “Trees For the Forest” Fundraiser. The company will be hand crafting one-of-a-kind reclaimed pallet wood trees in a fundraising effort in support of Trees for Woolwich this Christmas season. Company Vice President, Cheryl Weber was inspired to help after learning that Woolwich Township has a greenhouse filled with little trees awaiting planting. “I decided I’d like to help them get more trees planted” Weber stated. For each pallet tree sold, Willow Brae will donate enough money to ensure that a tree is planted.

Inga Rinne, spokesperson for Trees for Woolwich commented, “we are very thrilled to partner with such an innovative company as Willow Brae Pallets to help reforest our region. Creating such charming trees from recycled pallets is such great upcycling." Trees for Woolwich was started in 2011 with a goal to plant 23,000 trees by 2016. Rinne says, “the financial boost from the sales of these pallet trees will help our volunteers get more trees into the ground next spring”.

The collaborative effort seemed like a natural fit comments Weber, “I liked the fact that each tree made entirely from reclaimed pallet wood would give life to a new tree”. Rinne agrees, “we are very grateful to have the support of Willow Brae Pallets, who recognizes the benefit of trees on our environment and we are prepared to use their creativity to help shape a greener community”.

The trees will be approximately 30”- 40” in height and will retail for $39. Trees go on sale November 24, 2016 and can be purchased at the St. Jacobs Farmers Market (white tented building), or directly from Willow Brae Pallets.

Media Release - December 11, 2015

Willow Brae Pallets Remembers Co-founder

A Willow Tree is Planted in Memory of Matriarch Who Passed Away 1 Year Ago

Willow Brae President, Rob Weber (right) with brother Tim Weber (left) and staff, family and friends gather to remember Pat.

WATERLOO — One year after the death of Willow Brae’s founding matriarch, the family owned company has planted a Willow Tree on the front lawn of the property at 3 Bast Place in Waterloo. “This is a time to remember and honour a very special woman who was a strong supporter in the start up and establishment of Willow Brae Pallets back in the early 70’s” said Willow Brae president Robert Weber. Weber’s mother, Pat, passed away December 10, 2014.

Willow Brae Pallets was founded by John Weber back in 1972 when farming grew increasingly difficult and other forms of income were needed to subsidize farming. “Pat did what she could to help out. She would take a hammer and straighten out old nails to help save money. I even remember her driving a pick up truck loaded with pallets to Waterloo to deliver to a customer” founder, John Weber recalled. In 1998, the company moved from the family farm and continues to operate on the outskirts of Waterloo. “My mother was always there to support us. Even as the pallet business grew and her view of farmland from the kitchen window was distorted by piles of pallets, she was always positive.” Weber commented.

John A. Weber who founded Willow Brae Pallets in 1972 holds the tree that was planted in memory of his late wife.

The company’s name was inspired by a large old Willow Tree that stood majestically on the home farm. Robert and his wife Cheryl, who now own and operate the pallet recycling operation, thought it was fitting to have a Willow tree take root on the current property. Cheryl Weber stated, “We have an affinity for the Willow tree here at Willow Brae. It carries a lot of meaning. It is our company symbol and now it will stand in front of our building to represent and honour Willow Brae’s heritage our founders.”

Staff, family and friends gathered at the facility on December 10th to erect the tree and remember Pat Weber and the important supportive role that she played in the founding of Willow Brae Pallets.

Willow Brae Pallets has been recycling wooden pallets since 1972. Willow Brae specializes in custom built pallets, new and recycled pallets. Willow Brae operates with a strong focus on customer service and the traditional values of conservation and preservation that were at the core of Willow Brae’s inception.

Media Release - October 23, 2012

Willow Brae Pallets Commemorates Customer Relationship With Home Hardware

Local Pallet Company Honours Its First Customer 40 Years Later

L to R - Paul Straus, Home Hardware's Vice President and CEO, Cheryl Weber, Willow Brae Pallets, John Weber, Founder of Willow Brae Pallets, Walter Hachborn, Home Hardware Co-founder and President Emeritus, Robert Weber, President, Willow Brae Pallets, Scott Courtemanche, Home Hardware Director, Facilities and Equipment.

WATERLOO — Local pallet recycler, Willow Brae Pallets is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year and commemorated this milestone by honouring a customer who has been loyal throughout their history, Home Hardware Stores Limited. "It is a great achievement to have maintained our relationship for 40 years. We've dealt with them for so long Home Hardware is like a part of our family," said Willow Brae president, Robert Weber.

Home Hardware was Willow Brae's first customer back in the early 70's. The pallet recycling firm started out by providing snow removal services to the hardware giant and then branched out into assisting with their pallet management needs. Willow Brae's founder, John A. Weber, recalls....
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Media Release - April 11, 2012

Bug-Free Pallets Are Shipped Around The World

WATERLOO — It started as a simple way to supplement farm income. Take old discarded wooden pallets. Fix them. Resell them.

But over the course of 40 years, Willow Brae Pallets on Bast Place, on the outskirts of Waterloo near St. Jacobs, has become a complex business that sells thousands of recycled wooden pallets that are used to ship goods all over the world. It also makes sure that only Canadian goods, and not Canadian bugs, are carried on those pallets.... » Read Full Article

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