Willow Brae Pallets’ Thinksafe Program is our internal Health and Safety Program designed to ensure that our employees can conduct their jobs in a healthy, safe and secure environment. Our employees are part of the Willow Brae family and we value their comfort and safety.

Health and Safety Policy

The management of Willow Brae Pallets is committed to the health and safety of its employees and visitors.

We will demonstrate this commitment by exercising safety practices which are in compliance with current legislation and which we feel will best protect our employees from injury or illness.

Willow Brae Pallets will continually seek out and .eliminate hazards within our workplace. Supervisory staff will be responsible to ensure that safe and healthy working conditions are maintained.

Each employee of Willow Brae Pallets is expected to be a pro-active participant in the company’s safety program by working safely, following safety guidelines, reporting hazards, participating in training and striving to eliminate all accidents within our facility.

Health and safety is a critical component of the success of our company.

Think Safe, Be Safe!